What Earthmoving Equipment Do You Need If You Want to Build a Retaining Wall?

Building a retaining wall in your backyard can be an exciting project! But before you start, you need to make sure you have the right earthmoving equipment. After all, if you want your wall to last for years, it's important that it is built on solid foundations. So what essential pieces of earthmoving equipment will you need to get the job done?

Different Types of Equipment

Excavator or Bobcat

The first piece of earthmoving equipment that you will need for your retaining wall is an excavator or bobcat. An excavator is a type of vehicle with an articulated arm and shovel bucket attached to it. It is designed for digging large amounts of soil and moving heavy objects such as rocks and logs. A bobcat is similar but much smaller in size and may be better suited if your job is not extensive.

Tractor or Front Loader

Once you have dug out the area where your retaining wall will be built, you will need something to move around the soil and other materials. This is where having a tractor or front loader comes in handy. While the tractor can easily move large amounts of soil from one place to another, the front loader has a scooping bucket attachment. This makes it perfect for loading up dirt, gravel and rocks into trucks or onto trailers for onward transportation.

How to Get Ready for Work

With these essential pieces of earthmoving equipment, an excavator/bobcat and a tractor/front loader, you should be well-equipped to create your own backyard retaining wall. Of course, there are many other tools available, too, but these machines should enable you to down to work as soon as possible.

Make Essential Preparations

Before you get ready to procure this equipment, take a good look at your worksite. How accessible is it? Will you come across any difficulties as you try to manoeuvre these pieces of equipment into place? Above all, take steps to ensure that you will not cause any damage to underground installations, footings, or neighbouring property.

Bring in the Experts

Still, you may be unsure about how best to use these tools or don't feel confident around machinery of any kind. If so, then don't hesitate to hire professionals who have experience using this kind of equipment. This could certainly save you time and money in the long run. Reach out to these experts for information, costs and availability.

For more information about earthmoving equipment, contact a local company.

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