Two Reasons to Invest in a Commercial Sprinkler System for Your Premises

Here are two reasons to invest in a commercial sprinkler system for your premises.

1. The system delivers water in a precise and methodical way

One huge perk you'll experience if you get a landscaper to put a commercial sprinkler system on your premises is that this system will deliver water to your plants and lawn in a precise and methodical way. For example, because water always emerges from the sprinklers at the same speed, the system will deliver a specific amount of water within a five-minute watering period and will evenly disperse that water across the entire area in which the system is located.

In contrast, if you watered your premises' lawn with a hose, the amount of water that you add to the lawn during a five-minute period might vary from one day to the next. Furthermore, if you don't pay attention, you might water some areas more heavily than others. This may result in creating spots that have received too much water. These areas could lose nutrients while the spots that weren't properly watered will become brown.

On a residential property, this could be frustrating but would not affect anyone but the owner. However, on business premises, the consequences of this type of poor watering could be more problematic, as clients who see the lawn might think it is neglected and might think poorly of the business owner because of this. As such, it's best to invest in a sprinkler system for your premises.

2. You won't have to come to your premises when it's closed just to water its lawn

If your premises are not open seven days a week but is closed on, for example, the weekends or for extended periods during certain seasons, then it might be worth checking out some commercial sprinkler systems and getting a landscaper to install one of them.

Having this system on your premises would mean that even if the weather gets very hot and dry during a period when your business is closed for several days, you wouldn't have to travel to the premises to water the lawn, as the sprinklers would perform this task. This could be particularly helpful if you don't live very close to your business or simply don't get much time off and would prefer not to waste your days off by watering your premises' lawn.

To learn more, contact companies that can install commercial sprinkler systems. 

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