2 Quick And Easy Projects That Will Give Your Garden A Summer-Ready Makeover

Summer has arrived and with it the time of year when Australians spend more time outside than inside. With children on holiday from school and many social gatherings to be hosted, your garden will be the centre of family and social activities for the coming months.

If your garden is looking a bit worse for wear, then you may not feel like it's not going be the most comfortable and attractive outdoor living space to spend time in. Fortunately, this doesn't mean you have to and bear it and giving it an effective makeover can be faster and more cost-effective than you might imagine. Here are two quick, easy and high-impact projects that will give you a summer garden to be proud of. 

1. Lay some new turf

The lawn is the centrepiece of the backyard and a quintessential feature of an Australian garden. If your lawn is looking patchy, dry and unsightly, then some fresh, green and luscious new turf is the best remedy. New turf can totally transform your garden and will give it a whole new lease on life.

Contact your local turf installation company to find out which turf variety will be best suited to your local climate, your soil quality and what you use the lawn for. If you have kids and pets, they can recommend a turf variety that will stand up to heavy usage over the summer months.

Your turf supplier can also handle all the preparation needed before the new turf is installed. Your old grass will be removed, and the ground underneath will be levelled to create an even and smooth new lawn area. Depending on your soil quality, they may also add a nutrient-rich layer of topsoil to ensure your new lawn thrives.

2. Add mulch to your garden beds

Neglected garden beds are another major element in the garden that can add to an overall shabby and unappealing garden. Over time, the topsoil in garden beds can become dry, crumbly and beached to a dull colour due to direct exposure to the sun. The fastest and most effective way to deal with this is to add a layer of mulch.

You can have mulch delivered directly to your home. Then, it's simply a matter of spreading it evenly over your garden beds. Mulch not only disguises unsightly topsoil, but it will also help to improve the soil quality as it breaks down and adds nutrients to the parched dirt. Mulch also means less watering and better moisture retention, which is important during dry, hot weather.

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