Creative and Functional Ways to Incorporate Gravel into Your Landscape

When you think of gravel, you are probably visualizing grey rocks that are usually laid over walkways. And while this is the most typical appearance of gravel, you should note that these rocks are available in a range of hues. So if you are thinking of breathing life into your property through landscaping, one supply that is a must-have is gravel. Not only is gravel affordable, but its astonishing versatility means you can include it as part of your landscape to perform a myriad of functions while still bolstering the visual appeal of your yard. If you have never considered utilising gravel for your landscaping projects, here are some creative yet functional ways to incorporate it.

Gravel as a substitute for lunch

Whether you have recently planted seedlings or want to protect your pre-existing plants from weather exposure, gravel is a fantastic substitute for traditional mulching supplies. And there are many ways that gravel will be more beneficial as mulch when compared to the conventional options on the market. Gravel, to begin with, will not rot as most other kinds of organic mulches do. Thus, you never have to worry about off-putting smells in your yard as the mulch decomposes. Additionally, gravel provides a protective barrier against both the sun's rays and the ambient heat. Hence, the soil retains more moisture, and your plants stay hydrated. 

Gravel for better drainage

Another surprising advantage of gravel to your landscape is its function to improve the drainage in your yard. For example, if your property does not have gutters, you could lay down gravel that will help prevent the stormwater from splashing onto your house's siding. Another way that gravel can assist with drainage is by applying it to areas that are prone to erosion. Whether it is a flowerbed or bare soil, putting a layer of gravel on top will help reduce soil erosion.

Gravel as flooring on your exterior spaces

If you have an area that you have sheltered with shade sails or perhaps an exterior structure such as a patio, you may want to consider gravel as a suitable flooring. Processed gravel, also referred to as crushed base gravel, is an excellent solution to areas that need the flooring to be compacted when you still want to retain a rustic outdoor theme. This gravel mixture is not fine, so you do not have to worry about the processed gravel expanding when it encounters precipitation.

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