Bringing Light to the Outdoors: Landscape Lighting Options

When it comes to selecting the right lights for your outdoor space, it is important not to take any shortcuts. Selecting cheap lights from your local store may undermine the value and appeal of your landscape.

When it gets dark outside, you need an aesthetically appealing and durable lighting system that will improve outdoor visibility and increase the value of your home to prospective buyers. With the many options out there, the following are the most important lighting considerations you should keep in mind.

Aesthetic appeal

An attractive and inviting landscape not only increases home value; it is also relaxing and enjoyable for your home. Lighting can create a focal point on your landscape and boost the outlook of the property.

Incandescent lighting is an excellent option for homeowners who prefer a natural look to their landscape. These lights consist of colour patterns that most people are used to seeing (white and shades of yellow are popular options) and they blend in well with the surrounding plants and vegetation. You can fit these lights amongst shrubs and on tree branches to turn any yard into an attractive garden.


Outdoor lighting keeps intruders away. If safety is a top concern for your home, select landscape lighting that is bright and visible. This will make it easier for you to maintain a view of your outdoor space at all times.

Fluorescent lighting may suit such areas well because these lights are bright and can light up hidden corners of the property. Fluorescent lights are also highly durable, meaning that they give users more hours of lighting at a lower cost.

Energy costs

With the rising cost of energy and its consumption in most homes, keeping utility bills down is a top concern for homeowners. To maintain a comprehensive outdoor lighting system that uses minimal energy, consider LED lighting from a landscape supplies store.

LEDs are highly customisable for your landscape, and they use much less energy than other types of outdoor lighting. LED lights also have varying temperatures to achieve different levels of lighting for the landscape. You can even place lights of varying brightness among plants and walkways to achieve your desired look.

Lighting fixtures

In addition to the lighting itself, the fixtures are the part of the light that brings aesthetic appeal to life. The fixtures should complement both the light and the style of the landscape.

You can experiment with varying sizes, colours, and patterns to add an element of style to the outdoor space. Keep in mind the mood that it brings to the home and additional functional benefits such as water resistance.

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