Find Out How You Can Use Your Bore Water Safely

Getting a bore water drilled close to your home can help you satisfy your need for water. If you live in an area with good groundwater, a bore can let you access clean water that you can use for watering, washing, flushing the toilet and sometimes even drinking. It's hard to know what your bore water can be used for, as there are many requirements the water need to fulfil to be suitable for different uses. There are, however, ways to find out what you can use your bore water for.  

Testing the water

The first thing you can do to figure out what your bore water is suitable for is to perform a pH test on the water to know exactly what you can use it for. A pH greater than 5 might makes it fit to use for other things than watering your lawn and flushing the toilet. If this is the case, then you should contact a laboratory where they can test the water to see if it's up to standard with the regulations for drinking water. If your water has a pH that is greater than 5, and it fulfils all standards for drinking water, you can use it for pretty much everything. You should do the same if the pH is less than 5 as well, as it might be an indication that the water is contaminated.  

Treating the water

Contamination of the water is caused by different type of chemicals seeping down through the earth and ending up in the water. Different minerals in the ground can also make your water unhealthy to ingest. Even if your bore water isn't appropriate for drinking, however, it can be used for other things, granted that it's still of fairly good quality. You might be able to use your bore water to fill your pool, for example.

You will, however, have to treat your bore water to do this, which means you need to add chemicals, such as chlorine. Also remember that bore water can cause staining in pools and other containers, as it might contain dissolved metal and minerals. Treating your bore water can also allow you to drink it. You don't have to treat the water at all for some uses. If the water has a pH greater than 5, doesn't smell or look strange and won't be used for anything else other than watering your garden, washing your car and flushing your toilet, in this case, you don't have to treat it. 

For more information, get in touch with a company that offers water bore drilling services.

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