How to Remain on Good Terms with Your Neighbour When Planning an Extension

Most people consider themselves to be good neighbours and may love to live in a beautiful community, where they can wave to other homeowners as they drive to work. They may be on first-name terms with their next-door neighbours even though they are not particularly close from an emotional point of view, but nevertheless, daily life seems to be ticking along with no problems. However, the atmosphere can get decidedly frosty when one of the landowners decides to build an extension to facilitate a swimming pool or extra room. This may become especially challenging in a community where there are no natural boundaries or fences in between buildings. In this case, what is the best course of action to calm the situation and restore life to normality?

Where Is the Boundary?

In the average suburban community, properties are divided into individual lots, and often, there is a certain amount of flat land around the structure itself. Some communities do not like the idea of fences, and others may exclude them altogether within their community guidelines. Certainly, this can present a less cluttered picture from an aesthetic point of view.

Getting Serious

Nevertheless, two well-meaning and adjacent individuals can often argue when it comes to defining the actual, physical boundary between these properties, and this may become especially heated if one believes that an extension of this type would encroach.

Land Survey Resolution

In this case, it's not only a good idea but sometimes legally required to commission an independent land survey. These professional land surveyors will be able to research any documentation, look at deeds or property descriptions and determine where the physical boundary should be. They will then be able to conduct an onsite assessment to mark the actual boundary with specific elements that will conform with all recognised laws on a local, state or national level.

What the Courts May Say

Without this kind of arrangement, a dispute could carry on forever and delay the construction of any extension. In fact, these disputes can and often do escalate into a civil court, but if that is the case the judge will almost certainly decree that a land survey be engaged.

Making an Early Decision

Consequently, it's best to shortcut the process as much as possible and bring in a professional at your earliest opportunity. This will help calm the overall temperature of the neighbourhood and return everything to its normal, tranquil self.

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