Why the Best Outdoor Bedding for Your Dog Isn't Always So Straightforward

Dogs are just like children (although you might get a visit from the authorities if you were to keep your actual kids outside all night). And yet, some dogs are outdoor dogs. It's a personal choice, but there is no reason why your dog can't happily spend the majority of their time outside, provided they have everything that is needed to keep them comfortable, safe and healthy. In terms of animal bedding, your best choice for your dog's sleeping materials will depend on the season and the part of Australia you and your pooch call home. There are a few general guidelines when it comes to choosing the best type of sleeping materials for your dog.

A Simple Blanket 

Be cautious about using a simple blanket, whether it's bunched up by the back door like a cushion or placed inside your dog's kennel. These can be susceptible to damage from mildew and can quickly become dirty. While this is not something that will necessarily put your dog off, it can be somewhat unhygienic (which can be a concern on the occasions when your dog is allowed inside). A simple blanket can be an option but ensure that it is entirely or at least primarily synthetic.

This allows it to be hung on the line, hosed clean, before drying rather speedily. This would not be so effective with a cotton or linen blanket, and you probably don't want to put your dog's dirty blanket into your washing machine. A rug or piece of carpet might also feel like an option, but it's not much good in a colder climate since your dog can't really snuggle into it.

A Trampoline-Styled Bed

In warmer climates where keeping your dog warm is not a priority, then a specialised dog bed is best. A trampoline style of bed keeps your dog's body off the ground, which is cleaner and also allows air to circulate beneath them. The hammock section of these beds are generally made of synthetic fibres, allowing the bed to simply be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

When More Cushioning Is Needed

When a dog might need more cushioning, a nylon cushion is best. Older dogs with arthritic joints would benefit from a little more padding. This type of outdoor cushion bed differs from an indoor dog bed, and it's a wide-meshed cushion cover which contains multiple pillows filled with a soft, synthetic stuffing which prevents the filling from shifting too much. The cushion cover can be removed and be cleaned with a hose. The pillows inside can also be hosed down, agitated by hand and then allowed to dry in the sun.

Some dogs are indoor pets, and some are outdoor pets. When yours is the latter, there's no reason why they can't be clean and comfortable as they doze outside.

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