Choosing Grass for Your Garden

It is thought that the lawn first became popular during the Middle Ages, when it became a feature of some stately homes owned by various members of the aristocracy in northern Europe. While the lawn didn't really break into popular culture until the 18th century, the craze certainly took hold after that, and the vast majority of homes in Australian suburbia now feature this type of grassy haven. Yet you may have just finished a housing construction project and are thinking of putting in a low-maintenance alternative, such as concrete, pavers or pebble stones. Why is it important for you to think before you act and consider the various benefits of grass?

You may not be too worried about aesthetic appeal, as you don't intend to sell your property any time soon. Consequently, you may not think that a lawn will make much difference in this respect. However, it can certainly help you with energy efficiency and can even provide a layer of security in times of trouble.

Fire Protection

Some people live in wildfires zones and know that their home is at risk from time to time. You may not realise that grass is a natural firebreak as it won't burn easily, and if you feel you are under threat during a specific outbreak, you can turn on your sprinklers to provide an additional layer of defence.

Cost Saving

Grass can help you to keep your air conditioning bills down in the summer, as a lawn will provide some radiational cooling. This is the reason why the ambient temperature in the middle of a city is higher than its surroundings due to the heat trap caused by all that concrete.

Maintenance Level

A lawn does not have to be high maintenance, and you should remember that most of the grasses available in Australia are designed to be drought resistant. There root networks will forage beneath the surface and find the nearest water table, and they are designed to hibernate if necessary in a particularly dry period.

Environmental Help

Furthermore, grass can act as a kind of filter to collect impurities that may leach down when rain does arrive. In this way, pathogens will be kept at bay, and the water table below will be much cleaner as a consequence. Grass is also a trap for carbon dioxide and a means of providing breathable oxygen for the human population.

As you can see, there are many benefits associated with installing a grass lawn. Make sure that you choose the right lawn for your location and seek advice from turf suppliers.

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