Transform Your Lawn With This Cost-Effective Solution

Do you crave to have a green well-trimmed lawn that maintains its state all year round regardless of the season? Have you tried to plant grass seeds several times and have failed to yield the yard of your dreams? Does the rainy season erode your soil, or does the heat of summer damage your grass? Are you having trouble raising funds to afford sod? Good news! Spray grass can solve all of these problems. Spray grass, also known as hydroseeding is a technique that involves spraying at high pressure a slurry substance onto the ground where you want your grass to grow. The substance is created by mixing grass seeds, fertilizer, binding elements and fibres made from natural wood. Below are some of the advantages of choosing this method as a solution to your lawn problems. 

It is relatively affordable

This process is very cheap compared to other solutions such as purchasing and installing sod. It will cost you up to four times less to have your lawn hydro-seeded than to have it installed with turf.

The grass grows fast

Within a period of five to seven days depending on the soil type, and the time of the year, your hydro-seeded grass will begin to germinate. Notably, you should be able to mow your lawn within a period of four to five weeks. This is a very short period of time especially compared to the amount of time that you will have to wait when you use the conventional methods.

It is fail-safe

During the hydroseeding procedure, there is critical care and consideration given to all the factors that may affect the germination of your seeds. For instance, they will select seeds that conform to your environment concerning sunshine, the type of soil, the terrain, or whether or not you have children that may play on the lawn. Moreover, the binding agents ensure that the seeds are held in place. The agents also ensure that the soil is held in place during the rainy season. The natural wood fibres, which are mixed during the hydroseeding process conserve the water below the soil as well as around the seeds to ensure that the seeds do not dry. Therefore, when you contract the services of a competent person, your lawn is guaranteed to germinate.

For best results, ensure that you spray your lawn with the hydroseeding technique during the relatively dry season so that the slurry may have ample time to dry before it comes into contact with water. Also, once the grass has grown, ensure that you regularly water the lawn.

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