Making the Most of Rocks in Your Landscape

While lush grass and flowering blooms are some of the features homeowners will want for their yard, this is not the only way of making your landscape visually pleasing. If you want a unique aesthetic on your property, you may want to consider integrating rocks in your landscape. However, when some people think of the use of rocks, they automatically assume that they will be curating a rock garden. This assumption is misinformed, though. You can employ rocks as part of your landscaping without having to hardscape your entire property. The following article illustrates some of the ways that you can make the most of rocks in your landscape.

Rocks as your mulch

If you are intent on having a verdant yard with flourishing greenery, you probably mulch your soil on a periodic basis. However, traditional mulch can be off-putting and detract from the appeal of your yard. Not to mention that some types can also be pungent and cast a lingering odour on your property. Rather than avoid mulch, you should switch to stones as your choice material. Mulch made from stone supplies is beneficial in two major ways. First, the rocks help in regulating the soil's temperature, which ensures the plant's roots are not being exposed to drastic temperature changes. Secondly, the rock mulch also helps in retaining moisture in the soil by minimising evaporation, which is great if you live in a location that is drier. Moreover, stone mulch is available in a myriad of colours that will complement the various flowers on your property!

Rocks as water features

A water feature is always a great, zen-like addition to a garden. But instead of using timber, steel or other supplies, you could employ the use of rocks to create a water feature to complement your property. From waterfalls to miniature ponds, the stones will glisten in the water and add an ethereal beauty to your garden.

Rocks as pathways

Homeowners who want their yard to thrive will typically put measures in place to prevent undue harm. For example, it is not uncommon to find some people unwilling to let visitors walk on their grass or garden because they do not want their foliage to be trampled on. Instead of keeping your yard off limits to everybody, you should create pathways using rocks. There is a selection of different rocks that you could choose to utilise to build your paths ranging from cobblestones to pebbles. These stones effortlessly inject a degree of rustic charm to your space, making them ideal for any garden.

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